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Nu are nici o legatura cu acel joc blue whale. Asta este doar un documentar 3d despre mamiferul balena albastra. Daca tot simtiti nevoia sa luati atitudine si sa salvati lumea de pericolul acelui joc macar gasiti jocul, retardatilor si avertizati corect lumea. Asta, nu e ala, cretini congenitali. Total Assessment raj raju May perhaps 13, 2017

Contrary to no other time in Earth’s background” he claims. “We now have a singular chance to review how the largest animals of all time functionality in these distinctive ecosystems, Which’s a lot of fun.”

In areas where You will find there's substantial concentration of meals, as lots of as 50 blue whales have already been seen scattered about a little place. They don't variety the big, shut-knit groups viewed in other baleen species.

From head to tail it stretched about 60 toes in size and is believed to have weighed about ten tons. What's more, it bore a spiny sail alongside the size of its back again that stood Just about seven toes tall if the creature arched its back.

But Based on Stanford University researcher Jeremy Goldbogen, it can't be the only real rationale whales acquired so significant. "Baleen developed about twenty million a long time in the past, and we didn't begin to see the evolution of gigantism until about extremely not too long ago, about 3 million to five million several years in the past."

Neither do any of the remainder of the massive birds inside the ratite loved ones, which incorporates the emu, rhea and cassowary. Equally, the 3ft (1m) emperor penguin and marginally shorter king penguin both access amazing weights but only "fly" underwater.

The blue whale tried to tail slap the orca and fled at higher speed.[148] A similar incident happened on Could 18, 2017 in Monterey Bay, While using the orcas swimming inside a line up into the blue whale's side. The blue whale fled and escaped. Orcas have just about no possibility against an Grownup blue whale, but might attack them now and again in any case for their unique enjoyment.[149] As many as 1 / 4 of your blue whales recognized in Baja bear scars from what is the biggest animal on earth orca assaults.[six]

A: According to Nationwide Geographic, the blue whale, a mammal, grows nearly one hundred ft in duration and can weigh in excess of two hundred tons. It's the largest animal at any time known ...

Because of their monumental dimension, electrical power and speed, Grownup blue whales have practically no normal predators. There exists one particular documented case in Nationwide Geographic Magazine of a blue whale becoming attacked by orcas from the Baja California Peninsula; Even though the orcas have been struggling to eliminate the animal outright in the course of their attack, the blue whale sustained severe wounds and doubtless died because of them Soon after the assault.[147] In March 2014, a pack of orcas harassed a blue whale off California, with one of these biting the suggestion in the blue whale's tail fluke.

In Zoology or Animal Biology What may be the click here biggest land animal on earth? it's the whale shark it is actually longer than nine school buses and heavier than 10 elephants Edit

The subsequent is an index of the heaviest living reptile species ranked by ordinary bodyweight, and that is dominated by the crocodilians. In contrast to mammals, birds or fish, the mass of enormous reptiles is frequently improperly documented and many are matter to conjecture and estimation.[eight]

Goldbogen is in excess of a little bit thrilled to become researching these ocean giants. “We’re entirely residing in a time of giants.

If thought of singular entities, the largest organisms are clonal colonies which could distribute about huge areas. Pando, a clonal colony with the aspen tree, is greatly considered to be the largest these types of organism by mass.[one] Even when such colonies are excluded, trees keep their dominance of the listing, with the large sequoia remaining by far the most substantial tree.

The Blue Whale is often a 'baleen' whale, that means that it eats tiny sea creatures by filtering them by its 'baleen'. The mature Blue Whale may perhaps consume four to 8 tons a day on the little sea animals referred to as, "Krill". (Much more)

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